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Gifted Hands International was founded in 2019 by Shana Davis, Birth Doula, Child birth educator, Placenta encapsulation specialist, Infant care specialist and allied health care professional. She created it out of a need she saw for a more thorough doula training program on the market. Shana began her career in 2014 where she got her certification through what was the number one certifying organization at that time. After enrolling Shana was shocked to discover the training was only THREE DAYS LONG! Upon completion of the training, Shana walked away with a couple of massage, techniques a whole lot of information about the organization, and still no clue on how to support clients in labor! It took years of independent study and subsequent trainings before Shana was able to develop the skills and confidence to effectively support clients and create positive impact. Shana attempted to certify through three more big name organizations before she realized that they all follow the same ineffective model! In 2017 Shana became the Mentor Program coordinator for Chicago Volunteer doulas. This gave her the opportunity to mentor doulas that had gone through other programs from different states ,and even different countries. Unfortunately, overall she saw more of the same. The majority of them were following the same model which had her mentees coming to her fresh out of training with no idea how to provide effective support to individuals in labor. To Shana this was unacceptable! The maternal mortality rate, especially in African American women was too high for these organizations to be mass producing ill equipped doulas. That's when the idea for GHI started. Over the course of two years Shana developed a curriculum that would produce highly trained doulas in 16 weeks. She wanted students to walk away from her program with the confidence and skills they need to immediately begin providing positive support to their clients. She wanted her program to be so effective that if a student never took another training after hers, they would have everything they need to be effective members of the birth working community! We truly believe that with our doula PLUS certification program we have achieved that goal! To date we have certified doulas in multiple states. Our goal is to eventually have a GHI doula in every state and on every continent! Will you be our next GHI doula?

Curriculum ($1497.00)

Course consists of 15 weeks of online classes and a 3 day in person clinical training. Upon completion students will receive three certifications Birth Doula, CPR & Community Breastfeeding educator

  • Topics covered will include:

  • History of Doulas

  • Vocabulary, Anatomy & Physiology of Birthing Individuals

  • Racial and Gender disparities in birth

  • supporting clients through reproductive loss

  • Physical & Emotional support techniques

  • CPR training

  • Lactation training

  • Supporting clients that have experienced trauma

  • and much more!


  • What will I learn during this course

    Students can expected to learn the fundamentals of doula care including physical and emotional comfort measure techniques. We will also deep dive into the obstacles birthing individuals face in maternal health such as racial and gender disparities. You will learn how to support your client through reproductive loss. As well as, common interventions and procedures during labor and delivery. We don't just stop there however, you will also learn prenatal yoga techniques, How to support your client with breast feeding, proper nutrition during pregnancy and become CPR certified. It is our goal here at GHI that you leave our program fully empowered and capable to support your clients

  • What certification will I have after this course

    Upon completion, you will receive three certifications; Birth Doula, Community breastfeeding educator, & CPR

  • What type of employment can I get with this certification

    Certified Doulas can apply for positions in hospitals, agencies, birth centers and even go into business for them selves! Certified doulas are currently in demand and the job market is expected to grow by 18% in the next 5 years. Also there is currently a bill in congress that will allow for doulas to be paid for through medicaid ( that's huge)! Once passed the demand for doulas will skyrocket due to more assessable funds.

  • How long does the course last?

    The course runs for 16 weeks. The first 15 weeks consists of online lectures and trainings. The last week consist of a 3day in person clinical training

  • Is this a self paced course?

    No. The course follows a specific schedule and you are guided through it by an instructor.

  • What will a typical week look like for me while taking this course.

    You will have assigned pages to read over the weekend to introduce you to the material that will be taught in the upcoming lecture. On Monday a lecture or training will be released. You have Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday to watch it. Each lesson comes with an assigned worksheet and discussion question. On Wednesday your first initial post to the discussion question is due. By Friday two responses to a classmate's discussion posts are due along with the worksheet that corresponds with the lesson. *There will be 4 Quizzes throughout the course and an oral presentation

  • Will there be ongoing support after the course is over?

    Yes! All students that graduate from our program will have the opportunity to join Chicago Volunteer Doulas. As a member of CVD you will receive three months of mentorship from a seasoned doula, as well as, the opportunity to shadow them in a delivery. CVD also provides monthly leads from individuals seeking doula support .

  • If I am not located in IL or IN can i still take the program?

    Yes! GHI has Certified doulas from multiple states! With the majority of the program being online it makes the process very easy. You can take the online portion of the course where ever you are located. You must be present for the in person clinical training however. This training happens over the course of a weekend so our out of state students will have to plan a weekend trip to chicago for that portion of the course.

  • Are there payment plan options for this program?

    Yes! There is a 3 and 4-month payment plan option for this program. Just click the drop-down arrow next to the price on the enrolment page to see those options.

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Social proof: testimonials

Betty B.

Nurse Practitioner

I've learned so much from this class starting from day one. Shana is excellent and brings so much knowledge. It just flows from her. Her teaching style makes it easy to listen and follow along. Doulas are needed and the wide range of content in this course is preparing us all on a high level.

Latisha S.

Maternal and child health specialist

Hiiiii! Let me begin by saying that I couldn't be more excited and honored to render a testimonial about my dynamic doula school!!! 😁 This journey has been nothing short of amazing and it has been my pleasure to have had the opportunity to be in the inaugural class. In the beginning, I was only seeking to refresh and revive my 15+ years of experience in maternal and child health while obtaining this certification, however I have been delightfully challenged and enhanced by Shana's passion and evolved experience in the field. The lectures on the material have been personable and applicable, and the learning portal is user friendly. I would definitely recommend Gifted Hands International as the best choice to obtain your doula certification!

Amber G.

I love the whole aspect of becoming a doula. I’m so grateful to Shana for extending her knowledge & wisdom on something greater than us all. She’s truly one of a kind in different ways from her teaching, her stories, just making you feel like you can do it & be the best! I love our weekly check-ins because it gives me more time to go into detail about the lessons and discussions. Everything about the class was right on time, on target, & I’m glad I have/had the opportunity to learn with such a great group of women!

Kimberly F.

I would like to say to anyone that if this is something new to them but is a little fearful, I came across this statement on a coffee mug and I absolutely love it. " NEVER BE AFRAID TO TRY SOMETHING NEW, REMEMBER AMATEURS BUILT THE ARK....PROFESSIONALS BUILT THE TITANIC".... The class is really great I am enjoying learning what will best help our birthing parents to have a successful birthing experience.

Kristen B.


Gifted Hands International is an amazing and fun doula program!!! I learned soooo much from how to be a great doula to how to start my own doula business! Mrs. Shana is an amazing instructor! I definitely recommend this program! I honestly can't say enough about how great this program is!!!

Brie S.

Allied health care professional

Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! I could go on and on about Mrs. Shannalynn and how incredible she is. If you are having any thoughts of doing Gifted Hands International I encourage you to do so. From the time I reached out to get information about the course it has been nothing but great. Customer Service, communication, class info, positivity, laughs, concern, encouragement, just amazing. She is stuck with me now lol

Amber B.

Everything about this organization from registration until graduation is immaculate! I’ve learned so much in my time here, I feel so good about making my decision to become a Doula! Shana makes you feel like you can do anything! Love her for that! She’s an amazing instructor, just register and see! She will equip you with all the tools needed to be a Doula!

Janina S.

Student Midwife

I cant say enough about Gifted Hands International ! The experience was unbelievable. Lessons were amazing. Every lesson presented was evidence based, it was interactive, as well as entertaining!! A multitude of professionals came to inspire motivate and pour into us. It was a true blessing to be amongst so many women dedicated to the empowerment of other women. I learned a lot and gained some friends. I encourage anyone who is being led to birthwork to seek guidance from Gifted Hands International.

Tasha L.

Respiratory Therapist

I just finished my Doula training and I am so excited to begin my journey into birth work and seeing what is in store. If you are looking for a program to become a Doula, Gifted Hands International is the program for you!!!! Here is why - Shannalynn!!!!!!!! She is the best!!!!! She encourages you, shares all of her knowledge and skill to help you on this journey. You will get Evidence based learning and practice which is entertaining and interactive, real life scenarios and solution based results, a safe space of learning and development, cohort based so you and your class mates bond and grow together on this journey. Continuing and Resources throughout the program and after. Conveniently done online so you can work at anytime and anywhere. Support from previous cohort..a well rounded education and experience.