Over ten weeks students will learn evidence based techniques on how to provide physical, emotional, social, and educational support to families from birth to three months postpartum. They will also become experts on external relationship management, as well as, social service strategies and resources in order to promote family wholeness.

Curriculum ($1297)

  • Defining the postpartum period

  • Postpartum recovery- what does the irthing person need?

  • Newborn care

  • Socio-emotional family bonding

  • Caring for families with diverse backgrounds

  • Personal safety while working

  • Supporting families through loss

  • Building a support network

  • The business of being a doula

  • and much more!

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  • What will I learn in the class?

    Students can expect to learn the fundamentals of caring for mom and baby in the postpartum period. How to recognize warning signs of complications. Socio-emotional and family management skills.

  • Are there any pre reqs for this program?

    Having a birth doula certification is preferred but not required. If you do not have a birth doula certification, or have a certification from an organization other than GHI you will be required to take a competency exam. You must pass the exam with at least 70% in order to enroll in the class. If you do not pass the competency exam you will be required to take a maternal health pre-course before gaining access to the postpartum doula program.

  • What certification will I have upon completion of the course?

    students will graduate as Advanced trained Postpartum doulas

  • Is this course self paced

    No. You will be guided through the course by an instructor.

  • What will a typical week look like while taking this course

    You will have assigned pages to read over the weekend to introduce you to the material that will be taught in the upcoming lecture. On Monday a lecture or training will be released. You have Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday to watch it. Each lesson comes with an assigned worksheet and discussion question. On Wednesday your first initial post to the discussion question is due. By Friday two responses to a classmate's discussion posts are due along with the worksheet that corresponds with the lesson. *There will be 3 Quizzes a final exam an oral presentation and an internship

  • I'm not located in IL or IN can I take this program

    Yes! GHI has Certified doulas from multiple states! With the majority of the program being online it makes the process very easy. You can take the online portion of the course wherever you are located. You must be present for the in person clinical training however. This training happens over the course of a weekend so our out of state students will have to plan a weekend trip to chicago for that portion of the course.

  • Are there payment plans available?

    Yes there are several payment plan options for our course.